The Process

Bella Homes Construction Process:

photo 4The thought of building a new home, or remodeling your current one can be
daunting, but Bella Homes is committed to making you a more comfortable and
confident participant in the process, working with you before, during and long
after your project is complete.

There’s a lot to learn as you take your first steps. Here’s a quick look at what to
expect when you meet with us to discuss or plan your project.
If you have not yet consulted with a design professional we can:
• Assess the scope and needs of your project.
• Schedule a meeting with our architects and design professionals to get the
process started, and get your visions mapped out.
Once you have met with our architect we can:
• Provide detailed cost estimates and detailed construction schedules based
on architect plans and specifications.
• Work with the architect to create sensible solutions to the most complex
design challenges.
• Examine the most cost-effective way to realize your design.
• Guide your project through local planning and permitting processes.

You want your project to move quickly and smoothly, and to remain focused on
your budget and desires for your home. We will be sure you have the information
that allows you to ask intelligent questions and make informed decisions.


Bella Homes Construction Process:

Bella Homes will support you with:
• Daily on-site management to keep your project moving forward.
• Client-specific to-do lists to help you prioritize the many decision you’ll be
asked to make throughout the process.
• Facilitate communications between your construction team, architect and
design professionals.
• For clients who prefer to be more involved, we provide weekly, or more
frequent if requested, meetings at the home site with us to review progress
and construction.
• We work closely with all of the associated tradesman to keep the entire
team on track.

You Did it! Your Home is Complete! Bella Homes is with you through the entire
transition period and beyond. We will:
• Create a personalized, detailed Owner’s Manual and Reference Guide to
your new home.
• Offer an ongoing scheduled maintenance program.
• Provide immediate attention should you need assistance with any of your
homes operation, or should you just have a question.
We are honored to take this journey with you…and help you build your dreams!